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I Witness a Malay Muslim Wedding for the First Time June 30, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Leisure, Random Thoughts.
Hi. Im trying to figure out how this thing works. hehehe.. It sounds so stupid that Im an IT and yet I find it kinda hard to use this site. Pretty bad, huh?!
Now i will try to post some pic and tell what’s the story behind it.
Okok, Let me start with this pic. For the very first time, i attended a Malay Muslim wedding. She is my officemate and she invited all of us to witness their vows. It is very different from the wedding ceremonies in the Philippines. It was very simple, the foods were great, people are so happy and excited. We took this pic before we left for a very nice souvenir from the wedding.
Congrats Rynn and to your husband (I actually forgot his name, sorry!)
Unforgettable moment during the wedding:
We are only 4 Filipinos invited in the said wedding and 3 of us are in the separate table. While eating, we notice this thing in the table and guess what is this:
Any idea what is this? Listen to our story first, hehehe
This wedding is in lunch time that’s why the weather is very hot. We thought having a hot tea is not a good idea. We are sweating like a **** and we will have a hot tea? We aren’t crazy yet, hehehe… When we almost finished our lunch, I ask them if they want tea, and my colleague says, not this time, we will drink cold juice first then later some tea, maybe before we leave. Kasi nakakahiya namang nde galawin ang tea eh nakaserve di ba?
After a long chat and drinking, i was about to take this “pot” for us to have a tea, and we saw our colleague’s daughter take it and WASH HER HANDS!!! Yep, you read it right, panghugas pala ito ng kamay!!! Nakupo! naman! We almost fall in our seats when we saw her washing her hands, people look  at us why we are overreacting. And we told our colleagues that we are planning to drink that “tea” before we leave and yet that is where we should wash our hands!! And everybody is laughing at us, it was so embarassing and I sweat 4times that I had sweat while eating. 
Whew! That was close! hehehe…


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