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Batu Caves Trip July 14, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Travel.

I had a very tiring and yet a very memorable weekend. July 12, 2008 was already marked up in my calendar for our trip in Batu Caves. 

Sounds like it is very far? Haha, you’re wrong! It’s just a 30minute drive away from KL. I’ve been here in Malaysia for 3years and yet i haven’t visited one of the tourist spot in Kuala Lumpur. I actually plan to visit this place when my parents came last April but it didn’t work out. 

I bring along my camera and as expected, I got tons of pictures for this single trip. Just imagine 482 pictures in my camera! How addicted! haha..
Well, I carefully picked up all those nice photos and posted in friendster. It’s quiet a lot but actually there’s still more and i think its not a good idea to post them all coz people will get tired of looking at it. 
Here are some of my favorite photos:

Batu Caves is the holy place among Indians. It is famous around the globe for its nature-made caves and that huge golden statue, I don’t know it’s name, sorry, my research is incomplete. hehehe. 

At night, me and my filipino friends played volleyball (again) in Bangsar Sports Complex, started at 9pm and ended at 11pm. We enjoyed it very much eventhough it was very tiring and we got body ache. But hey, there is Malaysian team who wants to play with us, so next saturday, it is Philippines vs. Malaysia! Oh yeah! Can’t wait for that!
For more photos, visit my friendster account.
Next destination… Melaka!


1. Rache - July 14, 2008

nice place jorge, perhaps one day you can tour us to there… 🙂 (sagot mo narin pamasahe ha 😉 joke..) very nice pictures..

2. ORJE - July 15, 2008

Thanks race! Bati talga tayo, haha.
Yeah, it was really a great place lalo na kapag alam mo ang indian culture. Mas maappreciate mo cya.

3. Arel - July 15, 2008

hey.. i came across ur blog! Keep explore Malaysia and its culture 🙂

4. Rache - July 17, 2008

hey jorge… hope to see more places there in malaysia… update mo na tong blog mo… wag ka na maglunch magblog ka nalang… jkjkjk

5. leiheart - January 6, 2009

i promise my self to have some vacation like that..! i wanna go out of the country…kaso sa ngaun wala pa pamasahe papuntah jan..hahahah…! kasya na ba 10,ooo???
haaay sana kahit sa malaysia lang…reply pls.>! mwaaahhh!bench boy!

Ah eh.. Nde ako nagbabaksyon lang, dito talga ako nagwowork.. Anyway, 10thou is only for airfare, dagdagan mo pa ng another 10thou, kasya na yan..

Bench Boy ka dyan eh penshoppe mga damit ko, toinks!! Peace pare… hehehe

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