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Vaughn and Tina’s Visit (Delayed!) July 17, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Leisure, Travel.


Yeah yeah, i know that this story is bit old already. But then due to public demand (naks!) I will post a blog about the visit of my closest friend. They visited me last May 21-25. Well, we had a great time!
The pictures above were taken in my company, in our farm. At this time, we are heading to Genting peak to play in casino, haha. Just kiddin! Just to visit the place, eat, shop, walk around and feel the cool weather. Here are some pics to laugh:
Good thing i bring my tripod coz we all want to be in the picture. Nobody wants to take the camera, hehehe. Vaughn and Tina discover their “hidden talent” in emoting in the camera (It’s no longer hidden, haha). I like these pics coz it looks like we were in a teleserye or movie, hmmm… any suggestion for the title? hehehe..
We ride the cable car too, i didn’t put our pic inside the cable car coz i look horrible on it, hehehe.. The left picture was in the cable car station and the cable car behind us is just a model, not the real one. The picture on the right was inside the worm train (i forgot what we call  it, aiyks!), it is a slow train that let us see the whole theme park in genting.
The next day we went to Kuala Lumpur of course. Due to limited time, we only went to night market and Pavillion Mall on the first night. We ate outside, took a shower and rest, starbucks, buy some beer then drink in the hotel room and chat til 4am.
Next morning, we went to Sungei Wang and buy helicopters!! Oh yeah! It’s so cheap! Hey yo vaughn, how’s your heli? I dont use mine, coz it always rain here, can’t go out and play, too bad. We went to my KLCC where the twin petronas are located. Look at the second pic and the two clowns are enjoying jumping while me having difficulties in taking a good shot for them, huhuhu.. Anyway, this was their AHA moment so, i feel great too. Right after that very hot photoshot, we went to Aquaria which is just below KLCC. It’s like the underworld in manila as many people say. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Do I need to say more? Obviously, we enjoy every moment of this once in a blue moon experience. Their visit is only for few days and all i can say is BITIN! So guys, where is our next destination?



1. Tina - July 18, 2008

Well… wat can i say parekoi.. wait ’til u see mine.. nsa 2nd day pa lang ako eh hehhe weh….. Muak*

Pakopya na lang… hahhaa! Muak*

2. leiheart - January 6, 2009

wow ang saya naman…..!!!

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