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My Birthday is getting nearer and nearer… July 23, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Random Thoughts.

It’s 9.20am and I’m here in the office doing nothing. When I checked my calendar, I saw a cross mark on first day of August which is obviously my birthday. It’s 8 days to go and I will add another year in my age. Well, contrary to the beliefs of others, I feel glad that I’m turning 27 this year and its because I’m healthy and I’m happy for my family and for my friends. Sounds perfect? Nah! I’m struggling in so many ways, problems come and go (most of the time stuck into it!). People says that I do not have problems in life coz they always see me happy. It’s not that I’m covering all my sorrows with a happy face, it’s just I’m being optimistic in those things, to look at the brighter side of every situation and to forget the past. It’s not easy to do, but those are ways (i guess) to overcome obstacles in life.

Hey, I don’t want to end up this blog in a very sentimental way… it’s my birthday and WE should enjoy it. We are planning to have a huge birthday party on the night of August 2. It’s big coz there are three celebrants this month and that includes me. Me and my filipino friends will surely burn our lungs and liver again, I already bought three bottles of hard liquor (2 vodkas and 1 teq). I don’t know what the other two guys will prepare. One thing is for sure, we will all get drunk! hehe.. Can’t wait for that! I can’t wait for the liquor to touch my throat again, aaahh!! Hey, i just post a blog about Sir Jet’s birthday party, right? Hmmm… Now you know what kind of drinker I am.Ā 
My boss is here already and I need to do some stuff (kinda) and I will show how busy I am eventhough I’m not. beh!
See yah!


1. Rache - July 23, 2008

Hi Jorge, advance happy birthday… I still remember nung inimbita mo kmi sa bday celebration mo dun sa house nyo sa pinas kya lang mga bata pa tayo non kya hindi ka pa sunog baga non šŸ˜‰ angel pa kasi non noh… jokes… i’m sure you’ll have a blast this year! ingat lang sa paginom inom ng alak di mabuti sa kalusugan yan. Have fun though! Advance Happy Bday again… regalo ko ha šŸ˜‰ ooops mali pala…

2. Tina_007 - July 24, 2008

Hahahha.. rache angel pa si jrg nuon?? Wow.. atleast naging angel nmn pala sya! hehhee Newei happy bday parekoi… xpect my gift for u soon… Bwahhaha! Nyahaha! Mag xpect nga ba?? wag na lang!

3. ORJE - July 24, 2008

Hahaha…. thanks sa greetings!!

Happy birthday to me!! TOINKS!

4. Bon - July 27, 2008

hayy tina talaga kahiittt kelan! walang patawad kahit sa may birthday!

anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY parekoi! hehe sabi sau eh mareach mo din ang 27 wahaah! ako tapos na jan huhuhu!!

live life!

bons ^^

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