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Missing my Big Boss… July 24, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Random Thoughts.
When reading about my good friend’s blog Rachelle about her baby stories, the first person that i remember is my nephew, Migz. It’s because he is the first grandchild of my parents that’s why he is so pampered and loved. I am one of the ‘yaya’ of this kid when I was still in philippines and what can i say? Kids nowadays are very naughty and hyper. It’s very stressful to take care of a toddler that can kick your butt, haha. Well, I’m not complaining coz this kid knows how to use his charm (just like his tito, hahaha). I can’t write the proper words to describe how this little kid ease away our stress, he knows how to make us laugh, oh yeah, he has a very good sense of humor.
The last time that I saw migz was when i take my first vacation from Malaysia and he was about 2 and a half years old then, and the first two pics were taken during my stay. Now that my sister send me pictures of him yesterday, I’m so surprise that he no longer look like a baby, he gain height! But still he has the same look… a very naughty look! Agree? hehehe… My sister said that he got my style and actually we almost look the same, right? hehehe…
Well, I heard from his mom that he will transfer to the big school this coming september and to my excitement, I’m the one who offer to buy his school uniform! Nde ko na nabawi! hahaha… My sister said that he will wear a long sleeves plus necktie and a cardigan sweater, shorts and black shoes, oh my! I can’t wait to see my boss to wear that! Eventhough it costs a lot, I send money to them to buy his uniform, and as soon as they send his picture wearing that, I will post it here.


1. Rache - July 24, 2008

uy… my name was special mentioned! I’m very honored… 🙂 I agree Jorge, he looks like you. I even though he was your son when I first saw his picture in friendsters a year ago. Mali pala… you’re the yaya pala 😉 Kids… especially babies really brings warmth to everybody’s heart.

2. ORJE - July 25, 2008

Hehehe.. Yeah, having a child is a special blessing, ako nga na yaya lang iba na ang feeling eh, eh ung sarili pa kayang anak di ba? Ako kaya, kelan? hehe…
Sa pay day na ako bibili ng gift ko para kay baby polyn ha, hehe…

3. Tina_007 - July 25, 2008

Wow… nice one parekoi! Newei i miss my pamangkin too! But newei just one ride away lang ako.. kakamiss lang kasi makukulit mga bata ngayon! Pamwisit at pasaway exactly lke you! bwhahaha

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