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I’m 27! August 1, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Leisure, Random Thoughts.

Whoa! It’s my birthday!

I actually don’t know where to start this blog about my special day. Well, let me see..
I start receiving text greeting last night, 7hours before midnight. My sister in philippines and my mum are the two persons who send me message, they said, they cannot wake up at midnight to greet me that is why they greeted me at 8pm, isn’t that sweet?
After an hour, i received a text greeting from my special friend, Kat. She said, it is already midnight in New Zealand that’s why it’s my birthday already, hehehe.. Lovely and sweet.
I go online and chat with some of my close friends. Basti and Tina greeted me there too.
I received text greeting at exactly 12midnight from my two good chinese friends, nick and mimi. I’m snoring already that time, hehehe. Then I received a phone call from Vaughn all the way from Saudi! Naks! It was really touching.. At first I thought I was only dreaming, hehehe..
When I woke up this morning, I checked my phone and as I’ve expected, I got tons of text greetings, hehehe. Thank u so much for the greetings!!
Today is actually one of the busiest day for me, but still manage to sneak on friendster to check my birthday greetings and to my dismay, i cannot log in, the website is under maintenance (again!), after a while I manage to log in and saw the comments from my friends. I feel frustrated at the same time with friendster coz i have 3 comments that I can’t accept, anyway, I change my settings to auto post.
And I look at my profile view, and i got 544! hahaha… This is the first time a got 500+ views (ang babaw! hahaha)
I’m planning to go to KL tonight after work to have dinner with my chinese friends and to get my gifts, bwahahaha!! I’m so excited coz I will have new things again (coz i ask them to buy for me when they went to bangkok last weekend), I will wear that in our drinking session this Sat evening. Wait for our pictures!
Ok then, as I’ve said, today is a busy day for me. I will continue writing my blog tonight.
The reason why I’m so happy on my birthday is because I’m blessed. I am healthy and alive. I have my family and great friends. I have a good job and kind colleagues. I thank God for all the blessings that I received. I thank all my friends who greeted me in any form, text, call, chat, friendster… I thank my family for always there and who always treat me like a small kid, hehehe.. Love you all!


1. Rache - August 1, 2008

Glad to know you’ve a wonderful birth day… i’m sure you’re expecting more celebration ahead… your parents are right, you’re a smart kid! Happy Birthday!!!

2. Tina_007 - August 3, 2008

at 27.. and wat was the thing ur friend want u to buy in bangkok?? Hahaha Ok got it! Same thing u want me to buy here, right?? wehh… Gotcha! Frustration knocks.. too bad, can’t buy it for u! “wink”

3. ORJE - August 3, 2008

Thanks thanks!
Alam ko namang ookrayin mo na naman ako Tina eh, beh!
Buti pa si Race, bati kami lagi, hehehe…
Wait for my post about the head banging celebration, hehehe..

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