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Feel like it! August 17, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Random Thoughts.

Yeah, it’s been a while. I miss blogging, hehehe…

Last week was tough, i got sick. My tonsils are swollen and need total bed rest. I was MC for couple of days. Good thing i ask my mum to send some of my meds few months ago thru post, that’s the one i used, it’s kinda difficult here to get the medicine you need without prescription. Anyway, if you will ask me where did i get tonsillitis? Hmmm… i think its in the weather, hahaha!! But seriously, we had haze again few weeks ago, then the weather is extreme, too hot during the day, too cold at night, and i will add the sweets that i always eat. During the time of ‘hallucination’ i was scolded that i got sick because i always drink that’s why i got swollen tonsils, i guess she’s kinda right but wrong, hehehe.. At first, I thought she’s concern, but when i read her text again, its different. 
I’m glad that unlike my ‘younger’ years, i always have tonsillitis almost every month, now it’s almost every year. I guess it’s because I gargle alcohol! hehehe… If I got tonsillitis because of drinking, then I should have it every month, hehehe… Whew! I can’t afford to got sick everytime, my boss will gonna kill me, hahaha! Toinks!
So much with that, I feel better now, I’m glad that I am. I need to work out again (in my room) in preparation for my Tioman Island trip next year (ang tagal pa eh! hahaha!)


1. Tina_007 - August 17, 2008

Haha… i knw y u got it. “wink”

2. Rache - August 17, 2008

kaya naman pala walang updates nagkasakit naman pala…. tama mama mo hahaha joke lang 😉 dapat blog lang ng blog kahit may sakit just like me :p
glad to hear you feel better now…

3. Ken - August 18, 2008

For more information about tonsillitis and related treatment options visit http://www.itonsil.com

4. ORJE - August 19, 2008

Thanks Ken!

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