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TGIF August 31, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Leisure.

I always look forward every friday, because that means I will go down to KL, jalan jalan and have some fun.

Last Friday, obviously, me and my filipino friends had fun. We went out for clubbing. Some of my friends didn’t joined us for some reasons, but still we pushed our plans and we enjoyed it. Here are some of our pics:
We ate first in mamak before we head home past 3am. The next day, I have to wake up early, as early as 8am because we need to fetch my friend and have breakfast in One Utama and catch up the early movie (to purchase the 50% off movie ticket, hehehe). We watched Babylon AD starring Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeow (Malaysia’s pride), unfortunately, it didn’t pass on my taste, the cinematography and special effects are good, but the story is unbelievable and confusing (or maybe i just didn’t understand it well, hahaha). Anyway, that is just my opinion, it’s still up to you if you wanna watch it or not.
After movie, we went out for lunch, my other friend has a RM25 voucher in a Japanese Restaurant somewhere Damansara area which I actually forgot the name of the restaurant, hehehe.. TOINKS!
We send our friend back to Kepong and we head home as well. We prepared ourselves for badminton in Kampong Kerinchi. We played for more than two hours. It was very tiring but we enjoyed it very much.
Now I have body ache, but still managed to work today. It was tough coz its month end and I have so many things to do. Whew!


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