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Busy (Part 2) September 10, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Random Thoughts.

It’s been a week since my supervisor left for vacation and as you know, I’m busy as hell lately but I can still manage to write my blog.

Well, it wasn’t a tough week though. I enjoy the freedom of being alone in the office. My big boss is out of the country too, so no to secretarial mode this time, hehehe..
I never thought I can survive those very demanding customers, I was once warned that they are very hard to talk to, but I think they aren’t, they are very nice, they just exercise their right being a customer, very demanding, yes, but very professional. Maybe I just took the warning too seriously, hehehe.. I got some problems encountered within a week of being alone and I think I will encounter more (hopefully lesser than last week), but with God’s help I can overcome those things. And besides, as I’ve said, I’m enjoying being alone now, I can do what ever I want to do (in moderation of course), nobody will ask me to do this and to do that.
Even with hectic schedule, I can still manage to get contact with my friends by chatting,  well, not as long as before, but still at least I can communicate with them. At night, good thing I don’t eat rice every dinner, it saves a lot of time cooking (and to be honest, I really don’t know how to cook!), I only take salad from our production, prepare it and its done.
I normally watch tv after dinner for a while then go up to my room, do some push ups, check emails, chat and watch movies (mostly tagalog movies, hehehe) sounds so corny, right? But hey, if you will work overseas, you will definitely miss everything about Philippines, the food, movies, malls… and other stuffs.
Yesterday, I had a great day, aside from my work, I helped two of my old friends. They are both broken hearted. Well, I’m not as wise as Joe D’ Mango to give some advises but I helped them with my presence, my jokes, my personal experiences. It makes my day complete when somebody cheer up because of me. Oh well, we have different problems, yours in different, mine is over the earth, hehehe. I just hope that someday, somebody will cheer me up when its my turn (well, I’m sure with that, hehe).
As of the moment, I’m enjoying everything, eventhough my life isn’t perfect, eventhough I fail most of the time, eventhough i feel lonely, I still find the answer of all the questions and I make sure I learn my lesson from them.


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