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Photoshoot September 14, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Leisure.

I had my first ever photoshoot yesterday and i had fun. We went to Putrajaya around 9.00 in the morning and we started photoshooting coz we are rushing for the morning sun rays, Kelvin, my good friend says it is good to take photos in the morning. Noon time will be too bright and it will leave dark shadows in the pictures. We went straight to the Ministry of Finance building and start taking photos. 

This is actually my first photoshoot session. Yes, I have tons of pictures already before about my trips, but this one is very different. My photographer is professional, he is using Nikon D50 DSLR camera. I dunno how to describe how different it is, maybe I still don’t have the ‘self-confidence’ as what a model should have. Kelvin says, it’s simple, just be natural, relax and enjoy, but how can I enjoy when people around me are watching and even people in their cars (we are beside the road) are looking? Anyway, my friend is a good motivator, I finally relaxed after few shots (but still got ‘shyness’ on me).  My other friend, Nick, who is also with us, took some pictures of me and Kelvin during the photoshoot, he said I should put those pics in the ‘behind the scene’ album, hahaha!! Oh well, I will put some of it here too.
Kelvin posted only 4 pictures in his flickr account. He’s heading to Langkawi today and he will be back only on Wednesday so I need to wait for him to upload the rest of the photos.
As of the moment, here are the two photos that I can share with you:
These photos are in my friendster and facebook accounts too. Comments are most welcome.
Anyway, here are the ‘behind the scene’ photos taken by my friend Nick using my Panasonic Lumix FX100:


1. mirex sebastian - November 2, 2008

kakire mo hahaha.. para kang starlet na maraming stars!!! love the photographer.. pakilala mo naman ako sa kanya!!!! nice pics!!! penge nga.. remembrance lagyan mo ng message sa likod ha!!!

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