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Melaka Trip 04/10/08 October 14, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Travel.
I was terribly busy this past few weeks and I haven’t update my blog eventhough I had a trip last Oct. 4 in Melaka. Anyway, here it goes.
I met Romn, Joey’s friend from Singapore last friday night and we went out for clubbing til 2am. We went home and rest for few hours because we are heading Melaka early in the morning. We didn’t manage to follow our original plan due to some unavoidable circumstances (me, being late and having breakfast in kfc first, hehehe). The bus moves around 12noon and we reach Melaka around 2pm.
We ate first in Burger King and Joey called his colleague who is apparently living in Melaka. We are still lucky because somebody will tour us around which we do not expect, hehehe. Luckily, they are very kind and patient enough to tour us. The weather is extremely hot. Joey’s facial sunblock didn’t work, hehehe. Just kiddin.



Half day touring around Melaka isn’t enough. Before we head home, we ate in one of the satay shop around that area, the only shop who serve pork satay, umm yummy!
We will definitely go back there, and next time we will be early coz we missed some of the tourist places. All in all, it was great as it shows in the picture. Hehehe..
Next destination? Hmm… Let me think about it first. 
What about out of the country? That’s a good idea.


1. leiheart - January 6, 2009

ol of u guys here are defintely hottttttt………….!!!!!!
love ettt…!heheheheh..>!

Ah eh.. errhmm… Sila lang, nde ako kasama, hehehe

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