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Friday Gimmick October 26, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Leisure.
So much with the tantrums, I’m fine already. Frustrations come and go, I’m only human and I feel the same way as you do sometimes.
All I need is to go out and have fun. Last friday, my filipino friends and I went out. I met Joey and Jen’s ex colleague in L2S, Frennie. 
We went to Loft Bar in Heritage Row. The music is not that bad but the crowd were kinda different, it wasn’t the crowd that we expected. Anyway, we decided to go home as early as 2.30am and we drink at home. We managed to finish every single drop of Vodka and we were all drunk that we finished our session around 5.30am. On the same day, I met Eric, my good college friend, at 9am. I’l write a blog about it soon.
Frennie is very funny and cool. She’s in control of the table, we laugh out loud on every stories she shared. I will never forget those ‘kabog’ moments with her and Allan that we almost fall off our seats laughing. Well, I hope to see her again next time, I know she will be back to Dubai this Tuesday.
Pictures are posted on my Friendster and Facebook account. But I will share some of it here:


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