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What’s with my New Template? October 30, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Leisure.

I got positive feedbacks from my friends and followers about my new blog template. I’m so glad that you guys like it. I thought its easy to select template and upload it but it’s not. As I’ve said in my previous post, it took me half day in choosing the best template and I’m so stupid enough that I didn’t save backup of my previous template that i lose all the gadgets and widgets.

Anyway, I got the idea of changing my template from Rachelle. She has a great blog and I encouraged everyone to visit 😉 When I finished selecting the templates that I want, it’s time for me to add gadgets and widgets. I view and read some of my friend’s blogs and get some ideas. Then I suddenly realize that I need a header, but what kind of header? Believe it or not, I prayed. I want to have a nice and presentable blogsite to where my friends and followers will enjoy surfing and reading. Then I suddenly think that most of my posts are about my trips and some thoughts, that’s why I came out with ‘Random thoughts and adventures’ phrase. Then I think for my ‘screen name’ that will suit the title and my blog. And because I love the Kung Fu Panda movie, I got the ‘Master Ooqay’ (ookwei) name. Master Ooqay is the tortoise leader in Kung Fu Panda who chose Po as the Dragon Warrior blah blah blah… I choose him because he has the characteristics that I like… gentle, wise and sure, well, totally opposite of me, hahaha! Oh by the way, Ooqay is a chinese word which means Tortoise, hehehe.. Isn’t it obvious? Toinks!

Then, I choose my latest pic which was taken last friday night when I’m already drunk, yes, I’m drunk on that pic! Anyway, I touch up a bit using photoshop and rotate vertically and that’s it. Now that I have one pic and the phrase, it’s still look so boring so I prayed again and all of a sudden I got an idea that as an adventurer, I should put pictures of the places that I have been visited. So I choose one picture on each places, edit it in photoshop, put some white line and labels and that’s it! I got my header.
Believe it or not the idea only took for a couple of minutes after praying but the editing, selecting of photos, touch ups and arranging really ate my time. But then, it’s worth it. I feel so great when I saw the final header and when I saw the comments from my friends. Thanks God, this is His project.
I just finished chatting with Bon and I manage to encourage him to create his own blog because just like me, he was inspired with the blogs of my friends and with my blog as well. He just ask me to wait because he’s always toxic at work. But then he warns me that when he post his first blog, tambling lahat ng gawa natin! Hahaha! Oh well, I know you can blow our blogs away, but still I’m excited to see you in the blogsphere. 


1. Tina_007 - October 30, 2008

Nice one.. finally after 10years nakita ko rin header mo! grr… Love it!

2. Jorge - October 31, 2008

Ay salamat! Buti nmn pinagbigyan ka ng internet nyo, hehehe..

3. Rache - October 31, 2008

haha ikaw talaga tina favorite mong asarin si jorge 😉 it’s really a great work though and i can’t wait to see bon’s blog as well 🙂 and thanks for recommending my blog 🙂

4. ec - October 31, 2008

Sama ako sa inyo, tama nga kasabihan ng manginginom, Habang tumatagal ang alak eh pasarap ng pasarap. Ganyan si Jorge habang nag B-BLOG everyday pagaling ng pagaling EXPERIENCED+INSPIRED=PRO-BLOGGER

5. Rache - November 1, 2008

tama bang paginom ang ginawang example 😉

6. Jorge - November 1, 2008

Hahaha! Tama! Masarap uminom eh, toinks!

7. mirex sebastian - November 2, 2008

sali ako sa blog craze ha!!! meron din ako.. wala na kasi magawa dito sa buhay saudi e.. wahahaa c jorge kaunaunahang ng post ng comment sakin.. thanks.. yaan mo tatadtarin kita ng comments.. good or bad kilala mo ako manlait hahaha.. humanda ka.. halimaw sa banga!!! i love it.. love yah!! love yahoo!! love goh!! love google!! hahaa.. —-pahabol.. ano ba yan ndi basta basta mgpost ng comment meron pa pasword.. nwey okay ka ooqay!!! muah

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