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Can’t Get Enough! November 4, 2008

Posted by Jorge in Random Thoughts.

Before we start, I just want to welcome Ria and Eric in our blogsphere. I hope you guys will enjoy posting as we do. Communication is one of our reasons why we keep on posting. Anyway, we will wait for your entries soon.

Ok then, can’t get enough of what? This cutie suuuuper adorable baby on the right side is the source of happiness of Rachelle and Ian. I can’t get enough of this little angel that I love to stare at her photos and even if I’m too busy in the office, I still find time to sneak on her photos on her mom’s blog. I even share those pics with my colleagues and we have the same admiration with this baby. She’s really an angel and with this photo? Oh my, she’s a pro! hehehe.
Also, can’t get enough of my notebook. Meet Po, my very first laptop. He just had his first year last September and since blogging is still out of my head that time, I haven’t give him enough credit yet. Anyway, so far I haven’t had any serious problem with it. Eventhough I’m a bit crabby sometimes because of the minor technicalities I can still manage to fix it with the help of my Microsoft Certified Technical Support friends! Naks! Astig!! Thanks mga pare! 
And by the way, Po’s OS is Windows Vista Ultimate! Wahehehe..
Lastly, I already said in my previous entry that I watched High School Musical 3. I can’t get enough of this movie that I downloaded the whole album in a free website (kuripot! hehe)! I love the song ‘Can I Have This Dance?’ that I loose count listening and watching it in youtube. Rachelle said she read negative reviews about HSM3 but for me it was one of the good movies I’ve watched so far. Anyway, we have different tastes when it comes to movies, right? I feel nostalgic, remembering my high school and college days, sigh… Those were the days…
Well then, this is the video of the song ‘Can I Have This Dance?’ excerpt from the movie itself. I’m sure you guys will fall in love again.
Master Ooqay


1. Rache - November 4, 2008

uy my baby’s in your blog 🙂 thanks for adding another entry about her… she continues to facinate us though she’s keeping us awake all night… kya blog nalang ko while halinhinan kmi daddy nya na patulugin sya… hehehe… she’s a model in the making… hmmm maybe…

nice laptop by the way… ngayon magiging best buddy mo na ng husto yan especially na nahilig ka narin magblog… hehehe..

2. Bon - November 4, 2008

mag pancit ka parekoi paras a laptop mo!!

para sa mahabang buhay! awww!!

bons sa boni station

3. Jorge - November 5, 2008

Sooobrang cute talga ni baby polyn, and yes, believe me, she’s a model in the making, hehehe…

Best buddy ko na nga si Po eh, gusto ko laging umuwi ng bahay para mag-usap kami, toinks!! hmmm… makapagpapancit nga, hehehe..

4. Tina_007 - November 5, 2008

When is enough enough? can’t get enough? ahihihi Hello PO, magtyaga ka kay Master Ookay ha.. papagurin ka nyan! Bwahaha

Cute ni baby polyn! hehehe

5. Jorge - November 5, 2008

Pagod na nga eh, pero sige parin si Po, buddy ko yan eh, kami lang nagkakaintindihan nyan, hehehe..

At buti nmn nakapagcomment ka after 10years? Toinks!!

Thanks sa mga comment.

6. mirex sebastian - November 6, 2008

i love my laptop.. and now he’s dead.. nasa ER sya.. nirerevive ng mga doktor kwak kwak.. depressed nga ako ngayon.. huhuhuhuhu.. mahal na mahal ko sya.. can’t live without my laptop..

cuie ng baby.. yaan nio magkakaroon din tayo ng ganyan..

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