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Posted last year (Nightmares) July 14, 2010

Posted by Jorge in Random Thoughts.

I suddenly remember this post in my private blog and I decided to post it here because I think it is at the right time. This happened last May 2009 when I was still in Malaysia.

3.32 am

I woke up gasping. My whole body was numb. I can’t move, I was so scared. Then I realized I had a nightmare. It was terrifying, dreadful. At first my dream was great, I was one of the X-men heroes (I had wild imagination after listening to Bluepanjeet’s podcast), we were having a ‘Amazing Race’ like competition, we have to move fast, fly fast. I can still remember how they look like, wolverine, cyclops, storm and many more, just too much to mention.

Time ran fast. I was all alone in a ‘temple’, it looks like a man made cemetery, the place is spooky and it gives me my first goosebumps. I saw too dead people in their coffins. I can still remember how they look like, both of them looks like middle eastern. Dark eyebrows, pointed sharp nose, dark hair and very white complexion. The first guy has a medium size body and the other is slim. I was so scared that I cannot talk nor shout. No voice came out from my mouth. I’m not the superhero anymore, my feet are in the ground now and that what scares me even more. I can’t fly, I can’t run, my body is frozen, eyes were fixed with the second guy’s coffin. I know myself that I’m half conscious already, I can feel the goosebumps all over my body. I’m trying to struggle but I was hopeless. I hate horror movies. These zombies, dead people, vampire thing who will wake up unexpectedly and scare you to death. While still standing there, motionless, I’m thinking that what if that guy wake up and scares me? I was so terrified, i felt my heart skips a beat. I’m loosing my breath already, then suddenly the legs moved! I scream my lungs out loud, I manage to run while screaming. I can hear myself murmuring words consciously but still frozen. I ran down the man made hill and I saw my mom sitting at ground. I dunno why I told her ‘Mom, I think I’m being possessed.’ And my mom says ‘Let me see’ and he holds my face as if I have some dirt on it. I open my eyes and all I can see is redness. My mom was scared because she saw my eyes burning. She covered her eyes with her two hands, she’s not scared really, she was like playing peek a boo. Then I saw numbers mostly ‘6’..

It’s 3.32 in the morning and I woke up gasping. Out of breath. Bean like sweat were in my forehead. Exactly the same time I had a nightmare two nights ago. I can’t remember what exactly happened on my dream. I also remember last night that I woke up at the same time smelling something nasty. It was like burning metal or poop that I can’t explain. I can still smell it even I covered my nose with my duvet. What’s with 3.32am? I pray so hard and I keep on saying Jesus’ name. I was so scared that I cannot focus. I can see images in the upper portion of my window. It doesn’t had any curtain at all. I was in the second floor and I can hear footsteps on the ground infront of my room. It really freaks me out and I wanted to shout and ask for help from my housemates. In no apparent reason, I didn’t. I continue to pray. But then goosebumps were still covering my entire body. I still couldn’t move, my hands were numb. I was fully conscious that time. I pray for Mama Mary and the Saints I know to help me. I pray the Apostle’s Creed, Our Father and Hail Mary. To be honest, I don’t know what will I pray for because this was the my first time (hopefully the last) to experience that. It was horrible. 30 minutes later, I was still motionless. But this time I could move my hands already and I managed to reach out my Bible. I put it in my chest and continue praying. I could still see images in the window, moving from one to another. The only light I have is from the lampshade in my table. I wanted to turn on the lights but I couldn’t carry my legs. While praying, due to desperation, I ask ‘them’ what do they want? I don’t have any idea whom I was speaking to. Footsteps stopped. I felt sudden silence. Oh my, what was this? I really didn’t know. I was still scared. And I continue to pray. ‘Oh Lord, I don’t know what is happening, I just want to pray for these disoriented souls, please help them. Amen’ I felt something peaceful but still gives me goosebumps. I finally fall asleep 4.32 am after exactly one hour. When I woke up this morning around 7.30, I had headache but peaceful. I looked up the window again and it was clear. Thank God for everything. I really don’t know what had happened. I was so scared, scared that if I have heart problem, I think I will certainly die. I admit, my spiritual life is still shallow, though I always pray before I sleep. What I only notice is that I had these ‘things’ when I started to have a good relationship with God. I remember last night before I go to bed, I prayed so deeply. I can hear His thoughts. I can feel His presence. I had a very good conversation with Him. It was one of my greatest prayer ever.

Weird, isn’t it?



1. beero™ - July 22, 2010

nagkanightmares din ako before pero di ganito kagrabe. madalas nga lang sleeping problem. hehe. mainam nga na panlaban dyan ang dasal.

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