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Imagine This!

I love daydreaming.

I use my imagination everyday and put myself into a certain passage from the bible. It is actually from Ignatian contemplation but with a twist. Since I love dreaming about Mary and Baby Jesus, they are always the ‘bida’ in my contemplation and because there are very limited bible account on Jesus’ childhood life.

And everyday, I daydream differently.

Let’s try to imagine.


February 19, 2010 – Water and Stones

Mary needs water for cooking. She grabbed her empty water container, put it across her shoulder and called the young Jesus to come with her who was currently playing alone outside their home.

Since the water source was far, they had the chance to talk and laugh with each other while walking, hand in hand. The young Jesus unconsciously put his four fingers of his left hand into his mouth while his right hand was closely handled by her mom. His saliva drools down on his hands as he laugh out loud with his mother’s giggling jokes.

They reached the well and his mom started to fill her container. The young Jesus was amazed with the beautiful scene of the dessert, that is, with the rays of the sun and the rocky sand with dried trees and plants. He was also astonished with the shiny small stones near the area. He looked back to his mom who was still busy filling up her water container then started to pick up shiny little stones with his right hand and transferring it in his left hand that presses the stones in his small chest. And since his hands are small, the stones keeps on falling on the ground because he couldn’t stop picking, he wants to grab all the stones that he sees.

His mom suddenly called him as they were about to go. He quickly threw away the stones in his hands and run towards his mother, with his frail knees and oversized sandals, it was hard for him to run fast. He grabbed his mom’s hand and give a quick glanced with the stones he just threw while he puts his fingers onto his mouth after cleaning it with his cloak.

“Did you had fun?” his mom asked. He looked up to his mom and just give a bright smile, showing off his two small teeth and drooling saliva on his hands.



1. taribong - March 3, 2010

Wow. Looking forward to the continuation of this series… Keep ’em coming… God bless you always!!!

2. teentoinks - March 7, 2010

Nice one… can’t wait to read the continuation parekoi!

3. mitch - March 15, 2010

huh…here are another thing that make us “bitin” like your love story..until now you do not finished yet..but this one you make me / us imagined what young jesus do..while he was young are he like ordinary child who hurt while playing, make “palo” while mary got mad or he do a noughty stuff…we don’t know. lets give this our blogger a good thumps up for making our imaginary thing about young jesus was…now jorge will you finish this huh…hahaha
godbless and keep up the good work…tc!

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